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The interactive map of Waikele shown below is color coded to the match the property manager responsible for that area. This page has been designed to report problems such as: broken sprinklers, landscape problems, lifted sidewalks, missing or broken street signs and/or traffic lights. Simply put your cursor over the problem area, and the manager responsible for that area will be shown.
If your mobile device cannot read the animated map software, scroll down to the complete listing below of all areas assigned managers for your local representative.  If you have any further questions, please contact us immediately at: Phone: (808) 676-1991 or Email: Info@waikeleohana.com. Thank you!

City-Sourced Honolulu, ||Dial: #311||

If you have an issue not covered by your area’s property managers, then “Honolulu #311” is an app that is available for download on your smartphone that allows you to report a problem directly to the City & County of Honolulu. You can report items such as: abandoned vehicles, cracked sidewalks, broken or missing street signs, illegal dumping, etc. The app allows you to upload a picture and location as well to help identify the offending situation. Thank you!

Find Your Property Manager
Complete Listings:

These are the contacts for the subdivisions of the Waikele Community.
If you cannot find your subdivision in this list : Call the Main WCA Offices at: (808) 676-1991

Sub Association Property Manager Phone Number
Celebrations Touchstone Properties 566-4100
 Lillian McCarthy 
Fairway Village Hawaiiana Management 593-6860
 Tom Heiden 
Highlands Hawaiiana Management 203-5219
 Kim Hieda
Ho`okumu Hawaiian Properties 440-6521
 Susan Nichols-Afuso 
Ho`omaka Hawaiian Properties 440-6521
 Susan Nichols-Afuso 
Ho`omalu Hawaiiana Management


Kim Akana
Mahi Ko Hawaiiana Management 593-6354
Kim Akana 
Park Glen Hawaiian Properties 539-9723
Leslie Chang 
Park View Hawaiiana Management 593-6886
 Angelique Gutierrez 
Royal Pines Waikele Community Association


Property Management Office
The Greens Hawaiiana Management 593-6354
 Kim Akana 
Tropics Hawaiian Properties 539-9719
John Jepsen
Viewpointe Hawaiiana Management 593-6353
 Irma Pante
 Village on the Green Touchstone Properties 566-4100
Jadean DeCastro
Waikele Ohana. Waikele Community Association - WCA
Waikele Community Association

94-970 Pakela Street, Bldg. 124, Box #1
Waipahu, HI 96797

Phone: (808) 676-1991


Waikele Center

94-849 Lumiaina Street
Waipahu, HI 96797
(808) 671-6977

City and County of Honolulu

Mayor's Complaint Office: (808) 768-4381
Division of Road Maintenance: (808) 768-3638
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94-970 Pakela Street, Bldg. 124, Box #1
Waipahu, HI 96797

Phone: (808) 676-1991
Fax: (808) 676-1020

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