( Bulletin Date: 2014-08-06 )

Due to the incoming storms the WCA Office will be closing at 10:30am on Thursday, August 7, 2014.

Should you observe any fallen trees or unsafe debris on the roadways in the Waikele area please email Malcolm Ching at malcolm@waikeleohana.com.

Also listed below is a list of Hawaii State Civil Defense Hurricane Shelters that will be open on the Leeward Coast:


Evacuation and shelter information provided by Department of Emergency Management,
Phone: (808) 723-8960.

Leeward Coast (Makua to Waipahu and Vicinity)
August Ahrens Elementary
Barbers Point Elementary
Campbell High(PF)(SH)
Ewa Beach Elementary
Ewa Elementary (SH)
Holomua Elementary
Honowai Elementary (SH)
Ilima Intermediate(PF)(SH)
Kaimiloa Elementary
Kaleiopuu Elementary
Kamaile Elementary
Kanoelani Elementary
Kapolei Elementary (SH)
Kapolei High(SH)

**Pet Friendly Shelters are co-located with some general population shelters. Household pets entering a pet friendly shelter must be caged for safety and owners should provide water and food for their pets. (PF)
***Special Health Needs Shelters provide limited support to persons with special health needs. These evacuees must either be capable of taking care of their own needs or be accompanied by a caregiver. (SH)


The Waikele Staff

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